East Bengal Trivia Quiz – 4 (Dec, 19)

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Who scored the winning goal in the ASEAN Cup Final in 2003?

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Alvito D'Cunha scored the 3rd goal to ensure the victory against BEC Tero Sasana in the 2003 ASEAN Cup Final

When did East Bengal win the Federation Cup for the first time not as joint winners?

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East Bengal won the 1979 and 1980-81 Federation Cup as joint winners along with Mohun Bagan. In 1985 they won it all for themselves, defeating Mohun Bagan 1-0.

Who scored the most number of goals in a single match for East Bengal

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Fred Pugsley scored 8 goals as East Bengal defeated BCLI Railways 11-0 in the 1945 Rovers Cup

There have been 5 East Bengal players to have scored hattrick on debut, 1 is a foreigner and 4 of them are Indians: Ashim Moulik, Shyam Thapa, Bikash Narzinary and VP Suhair. Who is the 5th one?

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Ernest Jeremiah scored a hattrick on his debut for East Bengal in the 2004 Durand Cup against Sporting Club de Goa

Who scored the first hattrick of East Bengal in the NFL/I-League?

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Ossius Luiz Ferreira scored the first hattrick for East Bengal in the NFL/I-League against State Bank of Travancore in 1999-00 NFL.

East Bengal Trivia Quiz - 4 (Dec, 19)
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