Throwback: One year of the “historic” Tifo by East Bengal Ultras

Published by Sabyasachi C on

Last Updated 2:12 PM 27th January 2020 .

“Then, Now, Forever” said the Tifo depicting the struggles of millions of East Bengal fans whose ancestors had to leave their homeland due to the partition of the country and settle in a land alien to them, with the East Bengal Club being their only connection to their lands they had to leave behind!

The historical “Tifo” was unveiled exactly a year ago before the start of the I-League Kolkata Derby by the East Bengal Ultras. It brought tears onto the eyes of hundreds of people present at the stadium, recalling the horrific flashbacks of partition and the struggle their ancestors had to face.

The Tifo was also a statement to the arch-rivals who never misses a slightest opportunity to rub salt on the wounds of partition and call the East Bengal fans as refugees.

The Tifo showed how proud the East Bengal fans were for the inhuman struggles of their ancestors and how proud they are supporting the East Bengal Football Club.


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