Remembering the time when East Bengal FC was undefeated against arch-rivals Mohun Bagan for 1932 days!

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1932! Yes you have read it correctly, East Bengal FC remained undefeated against their arch-rivals Mohun Bagan for more than 5 years, in the early 1970s comprising of a total 1932 days, a record which will perhaps stay forever.

The East Bengal team of the early 70s could be named among one of the strongest ever teams to ever play in Indian football. A team comprising of superstars such as Md. Habib, Subhash Bhowmick, Sudhir Karmakar, Arun Ghosh, Surajit Sengupta etc won almost everything they took part in starting from 1970 to 1975! They had won a total of 20 trophies in those 6 seasons!

The Kolkata Derby is very well documented and for surely is one of the biggest rivalries in Asia. The East Bengal team of the early 70s was so strong that they didn’t lose a single derby game for 1932 days in all competitions. Mohun Bagan last won on 20th September 1969 in the IFA Shield final at Kolkata by 3-1 margin and since then they could not win again until 5th January 1974 in the Semi Final of the Durand Cup in Delhi.

There were 17 total matches played in between where East Bengal team managed to win 12, including 2 walkovers given by Mohun Bagan team while 5 of them were drawn. The Red and Gold brigade scored 18 goals while just conceding only 2 goals, showing how dominating they were. ‘Bade miyaan’ Md. Habib scored 8 while Subhash Bhowmick scored 6 among all the goals.

Such was the dominance of the East Bengal team of 1970-75 that Mohun Bagan could only win again in Kolkata, after a span of almost 7 years on 24 July 1976 in the Calcutta Football League when they defeated the East Bengal team by 1-0 courtesy of a 15th second strike by Md. Akbar. The record of being undefeated in the Derby for so long has never before or ever since been accomplished by any other team in the hundred years of Kolkata Derby.

List of all the 17 matches that East Bengal FC remained undefeated:


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