Exclusive: Check How Red Strike Is Working For East Bengal.

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Last Updated 11:39 AM 22nd December 2019 .

East Bengal club have struck a deal with International Sports Management and Commercial Consultant agency Redstrike in August this year and through them East Bengal FC are looking for a title partner for their future ventures.

Let us see in details about the partnership with Redstrike and East Bengal:

Redstrike delegates visited in June

In June 2019, the Redsrike CEO Mike Fernan and Commercial Director Simon Bytheway visited Kolkata and met with the East Bengal officials for a future partnership and collaboration. The International sports agency excells with marketing and helps clubs both commercial as well as overall growth through their consultancy and support.

Deal finalized in August

In August 2019, Redsrike officially confirmed East Bengal FC as one of their partners and they will be working to help the club grow though various projects.

The marketing director of Redstrike Harry Burch came to Kolkata to finalize the deal between the UK based agency and East Bengal club.

Hunt for title partners

The main objective of Redstrike in their deal with East Bengal club was to find a title sponsor for the Kolkata giants.

The UK based agency had been the main mediator in searching for the title partner for East Bengal FC as ties with Quess are almost likely to be cutoff.

It was Redstrike who talked with the Celtic FC delegates about a possible partnership and take over of the club. The Celtic FC delegates visited the club on Saturday in presence of personnel from Redstrike and had a 3 hours meeting with the East Bengal club officials about a possible venture.

The UK based agency are also partners with Italian based kit manufacturers Macron, who are also rumoured to be in line for a partnership with the club.

If things do turn out well, East Bengal fans can have a huge smile on their faces as there are promising days lying ahead for the 100 year old club.


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