Read: East Bengal vs Manchester United confirmed?

Published by Sabyasachi C on

Last Updated 4:40 PM 3rd February 2020 .

East Bengal fans can expect some good news soon as the friendly game against Manchester United might really happen and will be confirmed soon!

The Manchester United delegates visited the club in December where they were proposed for a friendly game in July between the two clubs in Kolkata. As per sources, the English giants have given their nod of approval to the tie and sent necessary contract documents to East Bengal for the deal to be signed soon for the game to happen!

If the contract is feasible and ultimately signed by the Officials, the East Bengal fans can be in for a treat ahead of the 100 years completion of the East Bengal Club. The possible rumoured date for the game is said to be on Sunday, 26th July – the very day East Bengal FC won the ASEAN Cup 17 years ago!


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