Quess sends shocking mail to East Bengal players!

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Last Updated 5:17 PM 11th June 2020 .

The termination of relationship between East Bengal Football Club and their primary investors Quess Corp. has been a talked about topic for the past few days with both the entities still not clear about the separation process.

The club is yet to receive No Objection Certificate from the Quess Corp. which is preventing them to state their future plans out to the public. In midst of this scenario, Quess Corp. has sent a shocking email to all the players of the 2019/20 season yesterday.

As we had reported, Quess Corp had previously sent a termination of contract agreement to all the players stating their mutual consent to terminate the contract on 31.05.20, as Quess East Bengal FC would not exist beyond it. The Quess Corp. also informed all the players that only the ones those who would sign on the termination agreement would get the salary of April and they won’t pay any for the month of May, citing force majeure.

This agreement was not accepted by many of the players including some foreigners and they didn’t sign back on the mail, demanding salaries of both April and May.

On the backdrop of this, Quess have sent in another shocking mail to all the players stating that the players who had not signed on the mutual termination agreement won’t get salaries of even April and May respectively. They have surprisingly asked the players to get settle their dues from East Bengal Club instead. This mail came in as a surprise to both the players and East Bengal Club officials as Quess had previously stated they would take financial liabilities till 31 May 2020, hence salaries of April and May are responsibilities of the investor group.

The mail has certainly put up further speculation about the two parties for having a messy separation – as East Bengal Club had already asked Quess to clear all their dues for both Football and Cricket teams before they can have a golden handshake.


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