#ISL: East Bengal FC submits online bid documents to FSDL.

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Last Updated 8:03 PM 17th September 2020 .

Indian Super League dreams for Red and Gold fans are soon to become a reality as the club has officially submitted the online bid documents today to FSDL.

The investors Shree Cement Ltd. had picked up the bid documents on 6th September after paying a sum of 5 lakhs to the FSDL and then formed a new company “Shree Cement East Bengal Foundation Limited”. The new company has submitted the online bid documents to FSDL for the entry to the top league from their home base as Kolkata, which was one of the 6 options as per the bid documents. However, there were certain complications to the process as “East Bengal Club Private Limited” entity held all the sporting rights and AFC Licenses but AIFF has come to the rescue as they assured the club that they will assist and help the club to complete all the required licensing from AFC as AIFF Secretary Kushal Das praised the club for their ability to acquire such a big investor for themselves amidst the COVID situation.

The new company formation and required documents were the hurdles that East Bengal Club and the Investors had to overcome in a very short span of time and ultimately they managed to submit all the required documents on the deadline day. The officials will also have to submit the hard copies of the documents at the FSDL office by 17th September.

The official announcement for East Bengal FC’s entry as the 11th team will be soon expected, as per rumours between 18-20 September, surely after the deadline ends for submitting the physical documents on 17 September.

The entry into Indian Super League will surely mark the start of a new era and is possibly the best gift the club could provide to all the millions of fans on the occasion of the club’s 100 years completion.


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