“I do not fear East Bengal” : David Robertson

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Last Updated 10:49 PM 3rd December 2019 .

It is just a day to go as Real Kashmir FC begins their I-League campaign against Quess East Bengal FC at Kalyani. Scottish coach David Robertson who is now into his third season with the team from Srinagar, spoke to the press ahead of the game and was very confident about their chances to put of a fight against the home side.

He began by stating,

“East Bengal away is perhaps the toughest start we can get. We had a long Pre-Season, more than the season perhaps (laughs). There are few new members, so we would surely look forward to get a good start to the campaign.”

When he was asked about playing at Kalyani, as he had previously played there in the 2019 Durand Cup, he was skeptical about the advantages and stated:

“That was a long time ago, we had our Pre-Season preparation at Srinagar. It would surely be advantage to East Bengal with the fans all supporting them”

However, when he was asked about if there is a fear-factor towards East Bengal, he chuckled and stated “I do not fear them.”

David Robertson was quite confident about his team in the pre-match press conference and emphasized that his team is good defensively, only lacked some threat in the attack, however they have roped in Englishman Kallum Higginbotham along with Krizo to change their fortunes this season.

The East Bengal fans will surely be nervous before their first game as David Robertson and his boys will look to spoil the party for the home team.


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