End of road for Marcos Espada and Marti Crespí?

Published by Sabyasachi C on

Last Updated 5:52 PM 4th February 2020 .

pic: Subham Roy

Quess East Bengal FC are lagging on the bottom end of the I-League table with just 11 points from 9 matches. The fans are furious with the performance of the team and so is the management with some of the players!

Today, the East Bengal Officials have called in a meeting to decide the fate of two Spanish imports Marti Crespí and Marcos de la Espada, both of whom have failed to live up to the expectations of the East Bengal fans.

The team has already replaced Borja Gomez who had to leave due to personal problems and now they have just two foreigner slots left to replace and as per sources it might be the end of the journey for Marti Crespí and Marcos de la Espada.

The East Bengal team management will sit in the meeting today to confirm the fate of the two Spaniard and also look to get in replacement at the earliest, which can only be free players now as the transfer window has ended.


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