East Bengal Officials to meet with Quess management at Bengaluru!

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Last Updated 1:30 PM 11th January 2020 .

The rift between the East Bengal Club Officials and Quess Management has been documented for a long time now. The recent poor performance of the team and inactivity in the transfer market has made the club officials to call in a urgent meeting on Friday evening for the executive committee members.

The outcome of which is that the Club Officials and Quess management will have a meeting on this Tuesday at Bengaluru. The Club Officials will be flying out this weekend for the meeting where there will be two prime agendas as per our sources.

Firstly, the prime agenda would be the player recruitment for the current I-League campaign. The officials met with coach Alejandro Menendez who asked for few reinforcements for his team. Also, the replacement of Spanish defender Borja Gomez Perez is also to be taken care of.

Secondly, there has been news about a possible “Golden Handshake” between the two parties and the meeting is to ensure that none of he party ends with a bitter taste.

The East Bengal fans will certainly keep an eye on Tuesday’s meeting and hope they get some good news as the outcome.


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