East Bengal FC’s Johnny Acosta takes stand against Racism!

Published by Sabyasachi C on

Last Updated 12:49 PM 3rd June 2020 .

The world is currently in turmoil with the recent events of George Floyd’s murder and people all across professional fields from round the world have stood up and put their voices forth in solidarity to the inhumane practices of racism that have been affecting people for centuries now.

Footballers like Borrusia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho took bold steps to stand in solidarity with the death of George Floyd seeking justice. The scene is not different here in India too, as East Bengal FC’s Costa Rican World Cup star Johnny Acosta who has been stranded in India due to the lockdown, too has put up a message on his Instagram account taking stand against racism.

He put up an image with fellow teammate Kassim Aidara with a message that read “We are all equal regardless of nationality and colour. No Racism.”

The 38 years old World Cup star surely has been a great ambassador of the game and his words will certainly boost fellow players in India too to follow suite.


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