East Bengal FC: What lies ahead?

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Last Updated 6:03 PM 20th July 2020 .

The termination of contract between the former investors Quess and East Bengal Club has been affective from 17th July 2020, as was notified by QEBFC management via their media release. The club now has got back it’s sporting rights from the QEBFC entity and are now looking ahead into the future with their hopes of playing in the Indian Super League from this very season. So, what lies ahead for East Bengal Football Club in the coming days?

Getting an Investor

The first and foremost aim for East Bengal Club would be to get their financial structure strengthened, and hence rope in a stable investor group or company that would back the club into it’s hopes of moving into the Indian Super League.

There have been numerous names that have been floating around in the market for the past few months starting from Red Chillis, Unilever to the latest Salim Group from Singapore, however nothing is concrete as of yet but the media expects an announcement soon from the East Bengal Club executive committee.

AFC and AIFF Club Licensing

The All India Football Federation has been quite vocal about the current structural situation of East Bengal FC for the past few months. There were at times dark cloud over the possibility of the Red and Gold brigade even playing in AIFF competitions for the 2020/21 season.

However, things are now settled as club has got back its sporting rights from it’s previous investors and can fill up for new licensing requirements for the current season. The AIFF had also extended the licensing deadlines till 31 July and the club is expected to complete all documentation before the aforementioned date.

Getting into ISL

The one thing that the East Bengal FC officials have been vocal about since midway through the last season is about getting into the Indian Super League from the 2020/21 season.

The COVID-19 situation has surely pushed back the deadlines, which the club was supposed to meet however, club’s executive committee member Debabrata Sarkar is still confident of getting into the top tier league of the country from this very season.

There have been numerous media outlets who are reporting various different speculations through which the club is trying to get an entry into the ISL. Even with all the noise, nothing has been confirmed as of yet and the fans are waiting in huge anticipation for some good news from either the FSDL or the Club officials.


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