East Bengal FC “target” named the Most Valuable Player of the month in J League!

Published by Sabyasachi C on

Last Updated 4:23 PM 19th September 2020 .

The 26-year-old Kenyan forward Michael Olunga who has been on of the primary talked about names in the recent weeks among East Bengal FC fans was recently awarded as the Most Valuable Player of the month for August 2020 in the J1 League after he had scored 15 goals in 14 matches to lead the race for the Golden boot in Japan.

Olunga’s name has been one of the most talked-about in recent times by the Indian media and there have been talks about a possible move to East Bengal FC for the Indian Super League campaign. Although nothing has been confirmed yet and there might be a possibility of big transfer money involved but the prospect of having the best from J League play in India is itself a huge advertisement for Indian football.


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