East Bengal FC: Johnny Acosta puts out farewell message?

Published by Sabyasachi C on

Last Updated 7:41 PM 14th June 2020 .

The Costa Rican World Cup star Johnny Acosta who has been stranded at Kolkata amidst the lockdown situation has finally put forward a heartfelt and emotional message to all East Bengal fans which could be interpreted as a farewell message from his behalf.

On his Instagram handle, Johnny has written, “I close a cycle of my life, this time a little different. In a great institution to which I have a lot of love and respect @East Bengal FC, but that in the end there were contract and salary issues that failed to comply, in addition to little help for my return to Costa Rica where the club showed little disposition and apathetic to my situation! I keep the good times and I thank all the fans who always show their support, I carry them in my heart, thank you @East Bengal FC.”

Johnny has clearly vent out his anger on the management regarding issues with salary and also them failing to provide him a ticket to fly back to his country. The Costa Rican World Cup star however, thanked all the fans for their endless support and perhaps this would mark the end of the journey for Johnny Acosta at East Bengal FC.


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