East Bengal FC celebrates 101st Foundation Day!

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Last Updated 2:44 PM 1st August 2020 .

pic courtesy- East Bengal FC

1 August 2020, indeed a red letter day in the history of East Bengal Football Club as they celebrated their 101st foundation day, even though in limited arrangements amidst the current situation. The club ‘tent’ as it is popularly known, had an amalgamation of quite a few big names associated with the club as a series of events took place to commemorate the special occasion.

The event began with Club’s president Dr. Pranab Dasgupta making the opening speech, he said, “I welcome everyone to this great historical day on the completion of hundred years of this club. Today it’s probably the best day of my life as I am here addressing you on this very special day. I would like to salute out founders, who hundred years back had the vision to start a club which has now become one of the world’s most supported club in all spheres of life.”

General secretary Mr. Kalyan Majumder remembered the contributions of club’s former secretary J. C. Guha, he said “One name that has to be remembered today, who took charge of the club from the 30s till the 60s and is responsible for making East Bengal Club what it is today – J. C. Guha. He was the one who brought in all the big names and made an identity for the club.”

He also spoke of the thousands of East Bengal fans who had to leave their land amidst the partition of the country and face the extreme hardships they had to bear and how the club became a symbol of hope and identity for them.

The club officials then announced the launch of the centenary magazine by the hands of legendary players and coach Subhash Bhowmick and Monaranjan Bhattacharya, and West Bengal Sports minister Mr. Arup Biswas. The legends Subhash Bhowmick and Monaranjan Bhattacharya were also commemorated with lifetime achievement awards. The event ended with centenary cake being cut and the Red and Gold flag being hoisted.

Even amidst the celebratory environment, the event wasn’t clear of controversies as statements from ex-players on ISL participation stirred up the fans.

Legends like Tarun Dey said “If East Bengal doesn’t play the ISL, it’s not a loss for East Bengal but the ISL.”

Similarly Bhaskar Ganguly also said “what East Bengal has achieved so far, none other could in Indian football. First let the others win so much and then they can speak. I urge the officials to not think about ISL and waste time as it is not possible to go against the rules. It is better to focus on I-League and let them (FSDL) wait. The fight can resume next season.”

Subhash Bhowmick also made a comment saying “FSDL should wait for East Bengal Club.”

All-in-one it was indeed an eventful occasion at the East Bengal Club to celebrate the completion of 100 years of existence in Indian football.

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