Did Quess hint at possible exit via latest post?

Published by Sabyasachi C on

Last Updated 12:21 AM 4th February 2020 .

Quess East Bengal FC have had a tough ride in the 2019-20 season, with constant rumours about a possible “Golden Handshake” between the East Bengal Officials and Quess Corp.

In recent weeks, the fans have turned against the investing company for their mismanagement and also for the poor performance of the team, with fans blaming them for their inability to build a proper team for the season.

There were incidents in the recent past where in a Facebook post of the official page, the admin of the page was found misbehaving with the fans. The Quess East Bengal FC management has thus put forward an apology to the fans with a post.

The last paragraph of the post did however stir new speculations as they mentioned “31 May, 2020” in a statement, giving rise to possible hints for a termination of contract with the club!

Check out the official tweet below:


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