Close Watch: 3 Eerie Similarities between Celtic FC and East Bengal FC

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Last Updated 9:48 AM 21st December 2019 .

As everyone is ware by now, East Bengal club has invited the Scottish giants Celtic FC to come over and there will be talks about the Scottish club taking over a fair share of the East Bengal club.

The Sporting Chairman of Celtic FC is one of the few delegates who will be visiting the East Bengal club on Saturday to have the further talks which now is reported to be having for over a month.

On the midst of these discussions let us see some of the huge similarities between the two club:

A Club for the Immigrants

The most uncanny similarity between the two clubs is the very foundation by which the clubs were founded. Just like East Bengal FC, Celtic FC was also founded by the immigrant Irish men in Glasgow, Scotland.

On November 6, 1887, from a meeting, the Irish immigrants decided to establish a football team for the local area of the east end of Glasgow with the aim of raising funds for its struggling Irish families. The name was chosen as a symbol of a club born in Scotland from Irish roots.

East Bengal FC and Celtic FC are both home to the immigrant fanbase, sharing a similar grief within.

Derby: Arch-rivals – Natives!

The Scottish “Old firm Derby” is THE Oldest Derby in the world and just like our very own Kolkata Derby, the Old firm Derby between Celtic FC and their arch-rivals Rangers FC is also a clash between the Celtic’s Immigrant Irish fanbase and Ranger’s Native Scottish fanbase.

Rangers FC fans are the natives of Glasgow just like Mohun Bagan fans in Kolkata. The very word “Derby” originated from this game itself between the two Scottish giants.

First Derby – First Win!

One of the eerie similarity between the two clubs East Bengal FC and Celtic FC is that both the clubs won their first official Derby game against their arch-rivals on their very first attempt.

East Bengal FC defeated Mohun Bagan 1-0 in the 1925 Calcutta Football League, goal scored by Nepal Chakraborty in the first IFA accredited Derby game.

Celtic FC too had the first laugh against their bitter rivals Rangers FC as they won 5-2 in the very first official meeting between the two clubs.

There are many other things which binds the two clubs and the East Bengal fans will hope the deal with the Scottish giants does go through and both the clubs can start a fine partnership for years to come.


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