5 Times East Bengal Ultras Shocked the Indian football fans this decade!

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East Bengal Ultras – The pioneers of Ultras movement in India need no introduction. Adjudged as the “Second best” Ultras group in Asia by leading football media outlet Copa90, The Bangal Brigade has been revolutionary with their activities since their inception in 2013.

We have compiled a list of 5 East Bengal activities which shocked the fans for their creativity and innovation.

5. Being the “No. 12” from the stands

23rd January 2016 in the Kolkata Derby- East Bengal Ultras shocked the Indian football fans by unveiling the then largest ever Tifo ever on display depicting a Red and Gold jersey with number 12 from the stands.

The Tifo was a first of a kind in Indian football and was appreciated by fans and rivals collectively.

4. Largest Pyro Show till date

In August 2018, East Bengal Ultras executed the biggest ever Pyro show that Indian football had ever witnessed in the CFL match against Aryans FC at the East Bengal Ground.

East Bengal were leading by 3-0 at 90th min when the northern stand behind the goalpost suddenly lit up in red flames and smoke, making the entire stadium gasp in awe.

A Pyro show at this scale was never before seen by fans in India and even famous media outlet Copa90 featured it on their website.

3. Tunes of Colony

On 31st July 2019, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of East Bengal Club, East Bengal Ultras organised the very first ever live chant and music show in Indian football history.

The event was organised at the Sobhabazar Nat Mandir in front of a sold out audience that mesmerized the fans with a unique experience which was first of a kind.

The event was covered by various media outlets.

2. Derby Special Tifo

16 December, 2018 – East Bengal Ultras showcased the most witty and famous Tifo till date in the Kolkata Derby at the Salt Lake Stadium, taking a jibe at their arch-rivals.

The Tifo was unexpected and till date haunts the arch-rival fans as the game that proceeded there after saw East Bengal defeat Mohun Bagan by 3-2.

The Tifo was such a hit, it was covered by UK media giants BBC.

1. Then-Now-Forever

If the “Derby-Jibe Tifo” was a huge hit, East Bengal Ultras came up with a bigger one the in the very next Kolkata Derby on 27th January, 2019.

The “THEN-NOW-FOREVER” Tifo was showcased which depicted the struggle of East Bengal fans during the partition and and their life growing up as a refugee and loving the East Bengal club.

The Tifo was the largest ever in size on display in Indian football and was appreciated by the entire fanbase. It was emotional for all as the game that proceeded was also won by East Bengal by 2-0.

The Tifo was featured by famous international football media outlets like Ultras-Tifo.net on their pages.

Special Mention:

The “History Book” Tifo which was on display in the opening game of the 2019-20 I-League would surely get a special mention on our list.

This was a first of a kind unique Tifo which depicted 6 major incidents in the 100 years of East Bengal club in the format of a book, as fans turned the pages on by one.

There are numerous other activities by The Bangal Brigade that we could have selected in our list but these are the top 5 of them all till date.

East Bengal Ultras have been the pioneers of this revolutionary fan culture in Indian Football and have been the proud advertisers of East Bengal club to the world.


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