Alejandro Menendez: “Jaime Colado did nothing…”

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Coach Alejandro Menendez was both confident as well as angry as he faced the press before the game against TRAU FC tomorrow.

He began by saying, “winning is most important… however, the opponent is difficult and have enough good resources to upset us. We need to use the confidence from the NEROCA game to play good and get the win.

There were obviously questions about the unavailability of Jaime Santos Colado to which Coach Alejandro Menendez was very clear about how important Jaime Colado is for the team however he said, “You have to assume the circumstances and just think about the players available for the game.

He added, regarding the incident which led to the suspension of Colado, “He did nothing…after finishing the game, he just kicked the ball out of frustration but to nowhere... without any intention to hit anyone. Nothing happened. It is absolutely surprising for us.

He also added, “I don’t know what lies ahead but I hope the situation clears out soon for the good of football. I’m sure it will end with nothing.”

Alejandro Menendez also pressed on the fact that his team is shaping up well after starting the campaign with two draws. He said, “For me there was no darkness, it is just the beginning. I believe my team is strong and we have shown we’re better than the opponents. We conceded 3 individual chances in 3 games but we scored 6… and we are going to score 6 more!

Alejandro Menendez also pointed out the hectic schedule his team has been going through, “tomorrow we will play our 4th game in 11 days. Our focus is to win tomorrow and we are trying to recover as fast as we can.

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